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Types of Click Fraud

There are numerous types of click frauds. Most common would be automated bots, click farms, pay-to-click and manual clicks. These clicks result in huge expenditures for advertisers without any results. (more…)

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How do Search Engines Handle Click Fraud

If you are a advertiser, you would frequently wonder if the expenditure on your ad networks are being utilized the right way. You would also be aware of the numerous types of illegal techniques with which fraudsters earn out of your advertisement. Some of the most common click frauds include: Automated Clicks or Click Bots […]

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Google Adwords

Detective Sues Google for Unwanted Advertising

A private detective from the Bay State Detective Agency has filed a law suit in California Court against Google for advertising in third party websites. If the lawsuit wins, Google would have to end up paying millions of dollars. Bay State Dectective ageny private investigator David Almedia informed that the company had signed up for […]

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What is Click Fraud?

Click Frauds are clicks made on advertisements with the sole intention of creating a charge for the advertiser without an intention to know about the site or make a transaction. PPC companies have informed that millions of dollars are lost to click fraudsters and PPC companies have taken up major measures to restrict or bring […]

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Click Fraud – Pay Per Click

Click fraud is the use of illegitimate ways to make money from a Pay Per Click program. The fraudster would either click on the advertisements on their own sites themselves or use automated programs to click on the advertisement. It is estimated that around 14.6 percent of all pay per clicks on ads are being […]

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Yahoo to settle “Click Fraud” lawsuit

Considered one of the highest settlements ever, Yahoo Inc informed that it would refund money to thousands of advertisers as early as January 2004. However, the agreement would not limit Yahoo’s liability. Preliminary approval was given to the agreement by the United States District Judge in Los Angles. Due to this outcome, Yahoo has assured […]

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