Blogger or WordPress? Which one is better?

Well, both Blogger and WordPress are excellent for creating a blog with common features. Both provide great tools and moreover both are free.

The answer changes based on individual needs.

  • Do you just want to own a blog just because its fashionable to let your friends know that you have your own blog? – Free Version of WordPress or Blogspot – I would prefer you go with Blogger
  • Are you a dummy when it comes to html and css and do not have much time to learn? – You better go with Blogspot
  • Do you want to make money out of it? – Self-hosted WordPress Blog
  • Do you want to provide expert solutions to visitors in your field on various topics? – WordPress is preferred
  • Do you want to interact, connect, survey and grow your network? – Self-hosted WordPress Blog
  • What kind of information you wish to place on your website? Is it high-end design, gadget info or too technical stuff? – – Self-hosted WordPress Blog
  • Are you willing to spend a certain amount of money every year ? – Self-hosted WordPress Blog
  • How many articles you are planning to add to your website? Less than 50 a year? – Free Version of WordPress or Blogger

Please note that all the above can be met with both WordPress and Blogger. However, each has its own advantages.

Also for a self-hosted wordpress blog, you would need to purchase your own domain and hosting space. Both have to be renewed every year. Best wishes for your new blog!!