“FAILED: WHM Username is missing for the selected server” – WHMCS

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WHMCS is a great tool to manage all your hosting customers. When you try to connect to your WHM server from within your WHMCS Admin panel, you might face ” FAILED: WHM Username is missing for the selected server”. This can happen when you try to test the connection using the “Test Connection” button. To resolve this, please follow the below steps:

  1. After adding your WHM username and password, tick the “disable server” option on the list above.
  2. Save the settings which will take you back to the Server list page.
  3. Now open the server again by clicking on the edit icon on the right.
  4. Untick the “Disable Server” and now test the connection.
  5. The connection should now work fine with the button turning green and notifying that the connection was successful.

Hope this resolution fixes your issue.