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Wordpress Shortcodes

How to Insert Shortcode in PHP Template

Many plugins provide shortcode which you can directly add into the content anywhere you like. But most of these plugins dont provide clear information on how to add them to our template so that it automatically shows in a particular location everytime a new page or post is created. Here are the steps to add […]

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PHP Error

Not Acceptable! Mod_Security Error – How to fix

Not Acceptable! An appropriate representation of the requested resource could not be found on this server. This error was generated by Mod_Security This error could be caused if there were some security changes done in Cpanel or in WHM. You would not be able to access your website backend. There are two work arounds: 1. […]

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eval(base64_decode & eval(unescape Hack in WordPress

Well my day ended yesterday with a shock and the whole day today was spent in getting back to normalcy. Yes, was hacked. I am not sure how it was hacked, but a whole bunch of codes were injected in the top of each and every file in my server. That would be 6000 […]

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Blogger or WordPress? Which one is better?

Well, both Blogger and WordPress are excellent for creating a blog with common features. Both provide great tools and moreover both are free. The answer changes based on individual needs. (more…)

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How to Reduce Bounce Rates in your Blog

Generally blogs have a very high bounce rates. If your blog has a bounce rate of 40% to 50% then you should be having great content. Usually, many blogs result in a bounce rate of over 80%. But there are ways to reduce your bounce rates. What is a bounce rate? Bounce rate is the […]

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How to add a Favicon in WordPress Blog

Wouldn’t it be great to have a favicon added to your WordPress blog? It not just looks cool it also builds a brand image. It also makes your blog visitors recognize your website as soon as they see your favicon. It is also identifiable when you bookmark it in your browser. So said, how would […]

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How to install multiple WordPress Blogs with Single Database

Usually, a basic paid hosting would provide 5 – 10 databases. Some of you would have used the all the databases. If you are one of them and wish to have one more WordPress blog, then sharing the database would be a good option. This can also help better organize your database and also import, […]

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SEO Benefits of Blog

There are a lot many reasons why blogs can be useful to your SEO efforts. Blogs and blogging have become hugely popular in recent times. With free blogging by WordPress, Blogger and other free open-source blogging applications, anyone who has little or no knowledge of coding can start a blog of his own. Blogs give […]

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