Capital Letters in URLs

Is Pascal Casing Good or Bad?

There has been a long standing debate on whether to use capital letters in URLs.


Which one is more appealing and readable? Yes, the first one is. However, would it have an effect in search results? Would any problems arise capitalizing URLs?

Well, the common advantages and disadvantages are listed below.


  • The URLs are clear and readable.
  • Abbreviations when capitalized can give more priority in search engines

Individual words can be separated and shown to search engines which can help better rankings


  • Though domains are not case sensitive, URLs in many cases are case sensitive and leads visitors to a 404 page when they access the page directly
  • Multiple indexing of URLs can occur in search engines which would result in duplication
  • Visitors who remember URLs or would like to inform another user would find it difficult to convey or access the page

In recent times, most of the webmasters have resorted to lower case URLs or forcing lower case URLs for their domains. Most of the open-source blogs and forums have also provided strict lower case URL generators.

So what would you go for and why?