AP assault on Search Engines and Blogs

Associated Press is all frenzy at search engines and blogs who quote their content without proper licensing. The madness does not stop with blogs, websites or forums; it is even against search engines like Google.

The Associated Press chairman, Dean Singleton mentioned that the news corporative will work with partners and portals who properly license their content and would pursue legal actions and legislative actions against those who do not own proper licenses. He mentioned, “We can no longer stand by and watch others walk off with our work under misguided legal theories”

AP would be developing a system which would tract content distributed online and would trace out if the content distributed is legally licensed. These actions are result of member feedback received by AP.

Assault against search engines like Google will only reduce their online presence and leave them alone on the Internet community. How come AP does not know their major traffic drivers are search engines like Google? Guess if all search engines and major blogs and websites remove their content or links! AP would lose most of its web traffic, advertising and hence revenue.