How to install multiple WordPress Blogs with Single Database

Usually, a basic paid hosting would provide 5 – 10 databases. Some of you would have used the all the databases. If you are one of them and wish to have one more WordPress blog, then sharing the database would be a good option. This can also help better organize your database and also import, share or export user information easily

Installing more than one WordPress blog using one database is quite simple. All that you need to do is go for a manual installation. Many hosting providers now provide a “one click” install which would take care of everything. Follow the steps below to create your WordPress blog in the exisiting database.

  1. Download WordPress extract and upload it to the folder you wish to install.
  2. Open wp-config.php file and search for the $table_prefix. The default would be

    $table_prefix =’seo2010_’;

  3. Change the prefix to a name related to your blog. If it is, then change it to ‘wpseo_’ or something similar. This can help you recognize the blog tables in future.
  4. If you are not familiar with editing wp-config.php file, change the default seo2010_ prefix when the WordPress Configuration screen appears.
  5. Just proceed further till completion. That’s it! You now have two WordPress blogs running in a single database.