SEO Benefits of Blog

There are a lot many reasons why blogs can be useful to your SEO efforts. Blogs and blogging have become hugely popular in recent times. With free blogging by WordPress, Blogger and other free open-source blogging applications, anyone who has little or no knowledge of coding can start a blog of his own.

Blogs give fresh content – Search engines look for blogs and forums generally for any topic of discussion. This is because search engines view blogs as a medium where fresh content can be obtained.

Easy Maintenance – Blogs are easily maintainable. They require few or no maintenance. Most blogging applications are search engine friendly. You would not have to end up spending huge time and resource in optimizing the website. You start to add content once you install the blog and choose your template. Installation would take few minutes.

Blog Growth – Blogs grow faster than any online medium. Blogs expand and interlink internally providing an excellent place for search engines to gather food.

Syndication – Blogs help syndicate your content to another website. This helps trade content which also helps external linking.

Social Media Bookmarking – Social Media websites provide huge scope for external linking. Getting your posts onto few social media websites can provide modest traffic back to your blog.