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Demographic Bidding Now Available

Google Adwords is coming up with interesting features lately. The recent one being Demographic Bidding.

The new demographic bidding feature can help you display ads to only specific age and gender segments within the Google Content Network. This can not just help increase click through rates but also understand and analyze how the ads perform under each segments.

With this feature, you can utilize two options:

  1. Increase your bid rate for certain segments like teenagers or the middle age segment based on your ad product category.
  2. Exclude certain groups from viewing your advertisements. For example: If you are displaying ads for kids like toys or children books, you can avoid them from being seen by the older generation. This can help you reduce cost and stop ad viewership by non-targeted audience.

The reports can be run using the Report Center. The report center provides various campaign performance metrics like conversion data, CTR, clicks and impressions based on the age and gender of the viewer who viewed your advertisement.

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