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Conversion Optimizer on Google AdWords Expands

Google has expanded the Conversion Optimizer Bid Management feature. This expansion would mean the bids would be automatically adjusted making AdWords simpler.

The advertisers using this new AdWords feature would be able to automatically manage their cost-per-click (CPC) bids according to a maximum cost-per-acquisition (CPA) goal. Based on this, the AdWords application does adjustments keeping the cost of each conversion below the specified maximum CPA bid.

Google first released its beta version in September 2007 and has been constantly upgrading and enhancing Conversion Optimizer. From January, advertisers who had previously enabled AdWords Conversion Tracking and had at least 200 conversions in the past 30 days would be eligible to use Conversion Optimizer.

Google claims that advertisers who use this campaign would gain more precision, increase ROI, save bidding process time, receive higher conversion rate and greater control over their advertising budget.


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