Google Promoting Yahoo! Ad Agreement

It definitely looks fishy when Google tries to promote Yahoo! Ad agreement repeatedly proclaiming it’s great for Yahoo! And not just that! Google is now on a pursuit for testimonials favoring Yahoo! Ad agreement.

Why should Google be so interested in something which will be good for Yahoo! Well the answer is MONEY! Yes, when Google partners with Yahoo!, it means its partnering with one of the largest Ad Networks to display its ads. This would obviously mean more money in Google’s pockets.

But how does Google promote this self-money making scheme? Something as follows:

Benefits of the deal

  1. Consumers
    – See more relevant ads when looking for information or browsing the web
    – Easier communications through interoperable Instant Messaging
    – Yahoo! remains a vibrant and innovative presence on the Internet
  2. Website Publishers
    – Benefit from better ad matching technology, potentially increasing the revenue they earn from their sites
  3. Advertisers
    – New ways to reach target customers online more efficiently

Google seems to pounce on every opportunity where it can make some money! Now, its favoring its direct competitor to make some extra money.