Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media is a powerful marketing tool to drive in traffic and revenue. Your marketing strategy should be based on your goals.

Finding out Your Community:

Once you finalize on a social marketing medium, try to find out the community were your targeted customers are located. Interact, inform and share your product features with them in a productive manner. Do not try to be too sales oriented. Instead, try to help the customer with his needs even if they are not interested in purchasing your product.

Increase Brand Visibility

Updates and features should be constantly informed to your customers. Provide as much information they would need and all the support they need. Make them write a feedback or review about your product. More positive reviews or feedbacks can get your brand great visibility and conversions.

Social Media Link Building

Update the news and articles that you post on your website to the top social media websites. This can bring in bloggers and also increase your external link strength. However, do not keep posting your articles on a single social media website. Instead, submit your articles to a number of social media websites on a circular basis.

Promote Your Product

The customer should be aware that your product is what exactly he/she wants and that you would provide them with all the support possible. This can be easily exhibited with your product descriptions, promotions and support given to your customers on social media websites. When a prospective customer finds out that the buyers are being assisted instantly they would be lured to buy your product if they are in need.

Though there is a lot of scope for direct marketing and interacting with the targeted customers, companies still hesitate and are unable to decide whether social media marketing would be a right strategy.