Ten Tips for Fast Content Writing

The suggestions below can help you collect information and write quality content at great speeds.

  1. First collect all the information you can get for all the topics and paste them onto a word document. The raw data should be at least twice the size of what is required
  2. Gather content from different sites and verify the content authenticity. Do not stick to one site alone even if the site contains a large number of information.
  3. The first Para or introduction should always be creative, imaginary and influence the person to read further. It should not be like a definition or similar to reading a history book.
  4. Try to have equal content for all sub topics
  5. See to that there are not more than 3 sentences in a paragraph
  6. Make sure a sentence is no longer than two lines
  7. Try to give 20 words more than what they require but not anything more than that
  8. First try to finish the required content in time and if there is still more time, add further content or rework on the content
  9. Try to have subtopics, lists, images if permitted
  10. Format the content properly with bold, italics, bullets and proper fonts wherever applicable