ManasHosting Worst Review

Manashosting, an India based Web Hosting Company who provides cheap hosting and domain registrations have had some awful reviews & feedbacks. As the client base increased, Manashosting reduced its customer importance. Two to three week delay in response to a mail or literally no response is what you get when you write to Manashosting.

A Bangalore based BPO Company webmaster states, “I made the biggest mistake of my life having my website with Manas Hosting. They are pathetic. No one takes the call. No one replies to my mails. The server is down every other day. Sometimes the website does not open at all for more than a week. I had great difficulty moving to another server.”

Another active blogger from Bangalore states, ”Manashosting doesn’t let me live or die. They do not have a proper server. No customer support. Fine, if you want to move from Manashosting, they don’t let you do that too. A mere waste of time and effort. You end up in vain and frustration”.

The reviews for Manas Hosting across various blogs have been bad and suggestions are to remove the sites from them as soon as possible. Aneeb Mohammed, a SEO consultant suggests, “Its better to move out of Manashosting at least before 6 months of domain and space expiry. It takes 6 months for their customer support to respond and process your request. They are slow and you would lose your site if you still wish to have your site on their dead servers”.

Another interesting analysis is, they do not have their own site ( on their servers. They have hosted in GoDaddy. This explains how much they trust their own servers. Its surprising how a hosting company who claim themselves to be among the top three in India behave so irresponsible.

Manashosting could have performed well. However, with the increase in customer base and disregard to customer support, it is pitty that Manashosting has earned a very bad name.