What is Click Fraud?

Click Frauds are clicks made on advertisements with the sole intention of creating a charge for the advertiser without an intention to know about the site or make a transaction.

PPC companies have informed that millions of dollars are lost to click fraudsters and PPC companies have taken up major measures to restrict or bring to notice any computer, bots or automated programs which indulge in this practice.

These illegitimate clicks can be found out by analyzing the click trend or too many clicks from one possible IP address. PPC program software detects illegitimate bots and certain repetitive clicks and bans the IP address from registering further clicks.

Yahoo! Search Marketing has come up with “Click Protection System” to detect click fraud as a result of billions of searches per month. Yahoo states that, “Our Click Protection System uses search and click data to make both rules-based inferences and pattern recognition-based inferences about which clicks constitute click fraud. While the details cannot be disclosed, the core mechanics involve many data points”.