Reliance USB Internet Modem

Reliance NetConnect USB Broadband
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Reliance USB modem is a wireless laptop and desktop compatible wireless internet access device. This handy device works in CDMA technology and hence faster than other GSM based USB internet providers. The device comes in two models one in a stylish black and other in white and is provided based on their availability.

Reliance USB Internet Modem

Reliance USB Internet Modem

Though the recent Reliance ads might make you think the USB modem can provide you high speed internet access, the USB modem is suitable only for low-end internet users like people who just need to access mails. If you are a surfer who likes to access social media sites, blog, watch videos, listen to music then this is just not suitable for you.

Reliance USB Modem Price

Regular Price

Invitation Price


Rs. 4186

Rs. 2590

USB modem

Rs. 3990

Rs. 2490

The above price is for just the modem. Monthly rentals are extra.

Reliance USB Modem Postpaid Plans Tarrif

Tariff Plan

Monthly Rental Rs.

Free Usage

Usage Charges Beyond Free Usage

Pay as you go



60 p/min day

30 p/min night

Swift 30


15 hrs day

30 hrs night

50 p/ min

Swift 40


20 hrs day

40 hrs night

50 p/ min

Freedom @ night


Night unlimited

50 p/ min



1 GB/ month

Rs. 2.00/ MB

Freedom plus


1.5 GB/ month

Rs. 2.00/ MB




Reliance Netconnect USB Internet also comes with a free pop3 mail account with 10MB storage space.