Track your lost Website Visitors with MapMyLead

MapMyLead MMLNabler Web Solutions, Bangalore has launched an unique web analytics tool, MapMyLead which can help organizations identify individual visitors to their website even if the visitor has not enquired through the website. This useful tool should be highly beneficial for anyone looking at increasing their online sales conversion rates.

This powerful application built on ASP.NET works through JavaScript tagging. The tool also comes with advanced report-building capabilities to drill down to the very core of what each visitor actually did on your website. MML helps you filter your visitors from an individual organization or to a single page. MML also allows scheduled reporting.

Seby Kallarakkal, Founder and CEO of Nabler Web Solutions, the company behind MapMyLead said, ” MapMyLead helps organizations identify and re-market their products/services to those companies and individuals who visited their websites and left without contacting them or filling the enquiry form on their website. This aids in reaching out to the lost visitors thereby increasing the conversion rate.”

Kallarakkal also stated, “MapMyLead provides granular details of visitors to an organization’s website such as the name and location of the company that visited, pages viewed, time spent on each page, level of interest, and more. This tool can ideally be used by organizations that are largely dependent on their websites for generating leads, organizations in the B2B domain, and enterprises that have mid-to-large sized companies as customers who usually have registered IP addresses.”

MML can provide vital information about your website visitors like:

  • Name and location of the companies from which visitors came to your website
  • Level of interest of individual visitors
  • Visitor behavior
  • Exit points
  • Depth and length of visit
  • Real-time reporting
  • Scheduled reporting

Looking at the features and insights MapMyLead application offers, it’s definitely worth a try.