Excel Add-on Keyword Tool by MSN adcenter

MSN adcenter has released a new keyword research and optimization tool to plan and build keywords. This tool is based on Excel 2007 and includes the Ad Intelligence model.

The adCenter Add-in is still a beta version and can help in planning keyword strategy, find out daily keyword impressions and even future trends. Microsoft also claims that this tool would not require expertise in Excel or have knowledge on search engine marketing or online advertising.

MSN adcenter Add-On for Excel 2007

The main features of adCenter Add-in for Excel 2007 are:

  1. Keyword Expansion – This option helps expand keywords based on the keywords suggested. There are also three algorithms provided.
    • Campaign Association
    • Contained
    • Similarity
  2. Keyword Forecasting – Using monthly traffic feature, you would be able to retrieve future forecasted impression counts for the keywords you provide.
  3. Keyword Monetization – Provides performance reports like the number of clicks or impressions, position, CPC, CTR and other vital information for the keywords in a given time period.