Pharmas Seek Branded Websites for Online Marketing

Studies have revealed that banner ads, campaign programs and visits on a branded website helped pharmaceutical companies create a brand awareness and better sales results among prospects and patients.

A recent study by comScore evaluated the impact of banner ads. The study found that interactions and expotures thru online ads improved adherence rates among patients. This resulted in pharmaceutical companies resorting to the brand’s website for online marketing.

Bridget O’Toole, executive vice president at comScore stated, ““The most effective online marketing tool for both patients and prospects is the brand’s Web site. It’s important to realize, though, that visits to a brand Web site are achieved through the use of a variety of offline and online tactics, such as online banner ads, search and offline advertising.” He also added, “This is why it is essential for marketers to develop fully-integrated campaigns that not only raise awareness and educate consumers but that also drive visitation to a site.”

These reports reinstate the fact that brand value is vital in life saving products as it helps create a trust factor among patients.