81 percent of Indians Prefer Google Search

The recent reports by comScore reveals that 81% of internet searches done in India were using Google sites. This shows Google’s monopoly in the country which has the world’s second largest population.

Google reported 1 billion searches in June which is an 81 percent of the total searches done. Google’s dominion was followed in a far distance by Yahoo with just 117 million searches. This is a huge difference when compared to Google. With just 9.4 % by Yahoo other sites like Ask had 1.9 and MSN sites had just 1.7 percent of total search.

Rediff.com, one of the hugely popular internet portals in India shared 1.5 percent of the searches ranking in fifth position.

Jack Flanagan, executive vice president at comScore stated, “As the top local player in the search market, Indian web portal Rediff.com attracts slightly less than 2 percent of all searches, indicating that there is substantial room for growth among the local Internet brands.”

Though 15% of the world’s total population are Indians, India ranks 37th with 53 searches per user per month, the global average being 93. However, with the increase in internet users in India, there seems to be a larger market and tremendous growth for internet search.