Yahoo! Finance Top Site for Finance News

U.S. has sort after Yahoo! Finance for information about economic conditions, general inflation and stocks. More than 18 Million visitors have accessed Yahoo! Finance in May making it the top financial news and research site.

According to comScore, a Internet research company, Yahoo! Finance topped the category followed by AOL Money & Finance with 15.2 million visitors. This is a 58 percent increase for Yahoo! And 48 percent increase for AOL when compared to their previous year.

Demographic Indicators

The report by comScore also reveals some interesting facts. 46 percent of unique visitors who accessed the financial news and research category were persons above the age of 50.

Also, 40% of the visitors had a house hold income of above $60,000. A large number of visitors have also been from large families with more than 5 people. This report portrays how families who have more financial responsibilities or needs keep themselves updated on today’s economic growth.