Most Exciting Rumours About New Macbook Pro

New Macbook Pro 2016

There is a lot of speculations on what will be announced in Apples Worldwide Developers Conference 2016. Apple users are expecting interesting announcements for iPhone, iOS and Macbook Pro line. The Macbook Pro line expectations are so high that even the current Macbook Pro sales have dropped as people are awaiting what is in store on the new models before they invest their hard earned money on their new Mac.

We list some of the top rumours on Macbook Pro.

  1. Even thinner Macbook Pro
    Macbook Pro Thickness

    Though the Macbook Pro Retina is already quite thin, we can expect an even thinner and lighter Macbook Pro similar to the new 12-inch Macbook
  2. Touch ID, OLED touch bar and detachable keyboard
    Things get more interesting here. Even though the iPad Pro is marketed as a Professional model, everyone including Apple knows ITS NOT. It does not run on Mac OS. It runs on a mobile iOS. Unlike Surface Pro from Microsoft which has beaten down iPad Pro in every aspect, iPad Pro cannot run full desktop version software. So, the speculation is what if the new Macbook Pro has a detachable keyboard? It would then be used as a tablet too with a touch screen. But the catch is there is no rumour about touch screen. It would just have a Touch ID like the iPhone and OLED touch bar with customizable keys. Well, we need to wait few more days to find this out.
  3. 4G Connectivity
    Apple had filed a patent in May this year for adding cellular connectivity to one of its devices. This could certainly be Macbook or a Macbook Pro. This is because, iPhone, iPad already has this feature and it also should be noted that its dismissed that its not for Apple Watch.
  4. Skylake Intel Processors
    Skylake Processors for Macbook ProThis is one of the sure things on the next release. We all know that the hardware inside is getting older and the competition is easily catching up. Apple has for sometime just concentrated on the design features and not on the power. Skylake is the next generation Intel processors and the Macbook Pro needs to switch to this architecture to survive. This can also increase energy efficiency and also battery life. Skylake also offers wireless charging.

Lets wait for few more days to see if these rumours are indeed true. Macbook buyers certainly need to wait for the WWDC and then decide their choice.