Firefox User Share touches 20 percent on October

After Google betraying Firefox with its Google Chrome, there is some good news for Firefox community. Firefox user base has increase during October having 20% of the browser market share. This would mean out of every 10 internet users, two use Firefox. This is a great achievement and a remarkable milestone.

A recent report by hitslink states that, Firefox usage share has topped 20% on two different weeks during October.

Week of Firefox Share
10/05/08 20.00%
10/12/08 19.90%
10/19/08 19.89%
10/26/08 20.06%

With Google Chromes market share still at 0.74% and Microsoft Internet Explorer ruling at 71.27%, Firefox has emerged as the second closest competitor.

Firefox October Usage Share

The new Firefox is impressive, fast, simple and user friendly. You just get addicted to it. You just love it and then Internet Explorer just becomes a thing to avoid. The new Mozilla Firefox 3 has:

1. One-click bookmarking to search and organize your websites quickly
2. Instant Web ID to prevent online scams, unsafe net transactions and different kinds of forgeries
3. Full zooming feature
4. Smart location bar to find your favorite sties by just entering a term

The product highlights include:
1. Anti-Malware
2. Parental Controls
3. Anti-Virus Software
4. Cool Add-ons
5. Anti-Phishing
6. Password Manager
7. Clear Private Data
8. Customized Security Settings
9. Automated Update
10. Pop-Up Blocker

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However, there are serious threats to its growing popularity as Google is coming up with high marketing plans for its own browser Google Chrome. Google once which promoted Mozilla Firefox is now a serious competitor and wishes to replace Firefox with Chrome in the current popularity rankings.