Major Spam Group found and Cut off

Junk e-mails sent across the globe were visibly reduced today as a web hosting firm considered to be a major host for organizations engaged in spam activities was taken offline.

McColo Corp, a U.S hosting service has its state-of-the-art 30 story office in San Jose, California. Would you ever believe that this was the base for all cyber crime offenses including remote management of millions of compromised computers to sell fake security products, counterfeit pharmaceuticals and child pornography through emails, newsletters, adware’s and various forums.

E-mail security firls like IronPort reported a reduction of 66 percent of spam during Tuesday. Spamcop reported 25 percent reduction of spam e-mails every second.

However, U.S Justice Department mentions that web hosting providers cannot be held responsible for illegal activities in their networks except if it involves child pornography and copyright violations. Global Crossing, a Bermuda-based company with operations in New Jersey was one of the companies providing Internet to McColo. However, Global Crossing claims that it co-operates fully with law enforcement and security researchers to address malicious activities.

It is surprising to know that a company with such a large internet spam presence was not detected, stopped or penalized by the U.S law enforcement or the U.S Secret Service.