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Google On a Major Plan to Promote Chrome

Google wants to get a larger pie on the browser market too with its Google Chrome or to say Google is getting greedier day by day. Remember once Google stated that it would not do anything to bring down Mozilla? Remember how it copied and used most of the successful open source components and codes […]

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Safari Update with Phishing Protection

The new Safari 3.2 now has the most wanted protection on its browser. The phishing protection would help avoid fraudulent phishing websites and better identify online businesses. The version is available for both Mac and Windows users. Though search engines like Google have been reporting fraudulent phishing sites and alerting with a window before you […]

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Firefox User Share touches 20 percent on October

After Google betraying Firefox with its Google Chrome, there is some good news for Firefox community. Firefox user base has increase during October having 20% of the browser market share. This would mean out of every 10 internet users, two use Firefox. This is a great achievement and a remarkable milestone. A recent report by […]

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Internet Explorer Unsafe for 284 days in 2006

May be I should have posted this a year ago. A report submitted by Brian Krebs in Washington Post shows that Internet Explorer was unsafe and prone to security issues 284 days in 2006. Surprisingly, Mozilla Firefox was on a security threat for just nine days in the year. The huge difference shows that Internet […]

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Google Chrome and Browser War

With the launch of the much hyped Google Chrome, there is yet another competitor in the tough browser market. Google though it repeatedly states it would not hurt Firefox is on the other hand actually marketing the browser in full throttle swallowing most of Firefox users. Google Chrome is light, fast, easy, simple and powerful. […]

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