Best Memory Balanced Firefox Ever – E10

Firefox Memory Usage Comparison

We often end up opening up multiple tabs for the many websites we browse. This results in a lot of concurrent processes running which makes both the browser and the computer as a whole slower. This happens across all popular browsers we have used. We end up seeing that browsers are the most RAM consuming applications running on our systems.

To make Firefox run faster and to optimize memory usage, Firefox has launched a new version which uses upto four processes to run web pages. Before Firefox used to use just a single process to run all the tabs on your browser.

How does Memory Respond

The first thought that comes to mind is, So does it mean memory is used four times higher. No, Firefox still uses significantly less memory compared to other browsers on MacOS, Windows 10 and Linux.

Best Firefox Ever

Firefox claims that this is the best Firefox ever till date. Please download the browser using the below link:

Download Firefox