Google Chrome with Extensions & Bookmark Sync

Google has now released its stable version of Google Chrome with the much awaited features: extensions and bookmarking. There are a whole lot of extensions added to the extension gallery. Google, with this release has made sure that some of the most adequate and top requested features are added up to this browser.

Bookmark Sync on Google Chrome is different than the regular bookmark feature we find on IE or Firefox.. Google Chrome bookmark sync helps you synchronize all your bookmarks on all of your computers so that when you create a Chrome bookmark on one computer, it’s automatically added across all the computers you sign in and browse. This helps you from manually recreate the bookmark on each system each time you switch computers.

There are over 1500 extensions lined up in the gallery most of them being contributed by developers all over the world. Some of the most popular include ebay and digg extensions and info plugins for and NPR.