Google News Foiled by a 15-Year Old

It all started as a prank by a 15 year old Tom Van detta. He tried to post an article which stated that he has been recruited by Google to work from home and that they would be paying a low salary.

Van detta, found out from a blog that there is a possibility of fooling Google’s news system by publishing fake news releases. He decided to try this out and submitted a fake release which claimed that this 15-year old New Jersey student has been recruited as one of Google’s youngest employees.

Tom used one of the free news services to post this news release. The news release claimed that Google Spokesman Sonya Johnson informs that the search engine giant Google Inc has recruited a 15 year old student after discovering his blog and his expertise in working with AJAX and Javascript. It also mentioned that he would be paid a low salary. However, the salary would be placed in a bank for his future education by none other than the CEO, Larry Page.

Merely few hours after this press release, he found out that this news has become the top news in Digg making it an incredible international technology story of the day. Google started displaying the reference in its own Google News.

Google engineers have to work on a filter which would check the creditability of any news that is being displayed in its search engine results to avoid such misleading news stories.