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Google Chrome and Browser War

With the launch of the much hyped Google Chrome, there is yet another competitor in the tough browser market. Google though it repeatedly states it would not hurt Firefox is on the other hand actually marketing the browser in full throttle swallowing most of Firefox users.

Google Chrome is light, fast, easy, simple and powerful. The appearance is impressive and provides no unnecessary options that cover your window view. It is also smaller in size and simple to install. From a technical perspective, it is one of the best open source browsers. The rendering engine WebKit was well chosen as it was an already proven success with features like “speed”.


But then, Internet Explorer which holds monopoly among browsers does not seem to be threatened due to Google Chrome. Google Chrome is yet to overtake Firefox. Well, I might be expecting too much as its not even a month Chrome was released. Will Google Chrome ever be able to overtake Internet Explorer in popularity and usage?

Many internet users do not even know that there are other browsers existing in this planet apart from Internet Explorer. Some feel, till the day Windows operating systems rule, Internet Explorer will also rule.

Let me know your views through this poll and comments.

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2 Responses to Google Chrome and Browser War

  1. Martin June 10, 2009 at 10:46 pm #

    Google Chrome is a total failure

  2. Joe Carter October 3, 2008 at 3:36 pm #

    Google Chrome has way to go. It cannot overtake IE unless it comes up with a operating system and even if has its own OS it will take years to get the stability, trust and compatible applications that windows has got through the years

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