Get Creative – Make a Google Chrome Video

Has it been a long time you felt creative? Forgotten the creative part of you with your hectic everyday work schedules? Then this might draw your interest.

Google has invited Google Chrome fans to come up with creative videos which depict Google Chrome in a creative and unusual way. Up for the challenge?

Jason Toff of Google Chrome team mentions that, “We know from past experience that users are the ones who come up with the coolest stuff. So with that, we now turn the challenge to YOU to make a video showing the formation of the Google Chrome icon in a big, unusual or creative way.”

This idea happened when Google team planned to experiment with creating the Google Chrome icon using different very day objects like umbrellas, spoons, balloons and even a cake. Here is a video of Google team creativity.

More details about the Google Chrome Icon Project:

  • You have until July 22 to submit your video
  • Users from all over the world are invited to participate
  • The best entries will be featured on Google & YouTube

To learn more and submit your video, visit
Lets see how creative you can become!!!