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Yahoo Customizes Search for Olympics

The Olympic fever has caught up with search engines too. Yahoo has come up with various shortcuts to provide live information through its search engine.

The new enhancement for Olympics would include country specific and overall medal count updates, athlete performance and records. It is estimated that 10,500 athletes would participate from 205 nations world wide. It would be a tremendous job in updating all the events and happenings live on the internet. There are 302 events scheduled to be conducted for 28 different sports.

Yahoo has also provided tips to find out the latest in Olympics. Once the Olympics starts, a query for ‘US medal count’ would turn up recent medals won, event results and track records.

You can also see a personalized athlete performance update by just adding his or her name along with the word ‘Olympics’. Yahoo! Sports would also feature news casts, interviews, images and feeds to get the best possible view on Olympics. Isn’t this a good feature from Yahoo? Google should be having something in its pocket too. Lets wait till the Olympics starts off.

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