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Are Yahoo Shareholders So Dumb?

Any onlooker who reads for the first time what is going on with Icahn, Microsoft and Yahoo can easily figure out that Icahn is being fed three times a day by Microsoft. The software giant is just using him for its own gain. This is a well planned puzzle that Microsoft has hosted. But are […]

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Icahnsoft Files Proxy Statement on Yahoo Board

Carl Icahn will never give up! How will he when the software giant Microsoft is backing him and the entire shareholders speak his language? Billionaire investor and shareholder Carl Icahn filed a definitive proxy statement today nominating slate of nine directors to replace Yahoo’s current board members including its Chief Executive Officer, Jerry Yang. On […]

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Yahoo to support OpenSocial Foundation

Yahoo along with MySpace and Google would be forming a OpenSocial Foundation to ensure neutrality and longevity of OpenSocial being a community-governed specification for building social applications on the internet. OpenSocial Foundation would be an independent non-profit entity. OpenSocial would be handed over to the new organization by July 1. Yahoo! Inc Vice President for […]

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Yahoo Moving Headquaters from London to Switzerland

Yahoo Inc. would be moving its Eurpopean headquarters located in London to Switzerland within 18 months. The search giant headquarters would now be near the shores of Lake Geneva. This move would consist of a 5% work force move and is a part of its ongoing international business stratergy to deliver better financial results, increase […]

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Yahoo FireEagle in Private Beta

Twitter For Location or the FireEagle platform has open APIs which can send and receive data. It can stream your location information. This can help third party web services gather vital information about your location even without asking from you. FireEagle, built entirely on Ruby on Rails, a open source framework is an insight from […]

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Yahoo Open Search Platform

Yahoo announced that it would be soon allowing third parties enhance the Yahoo Search Experience. This might give a new look to search results and might even be the future search list model. Codenamed “Search Monkey”, the Open Search Platform would provide set of Yahoo APIs which would help third parties and developers modify a […]

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Yahoo Starts Firing Its Employees

Sources from inside stated that Yahoo has already started firing the employees. The cut down is wide spread across all divisions and different locations. However, they did mention that the firing is based on performance ratings and not in a plan to close the entire opterations.

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Yahoo Search Update – Jan 2008

Search engine optimizers have reported of Yahoo Search index and algorithm update. The last time Yahoo had an algorithm update was on December 3rd 2007. Some webmasters have reported that their traffic has increased with better rankings and better indexing. However, people who had their rankings high for several months even years are disappointed with […]

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Yahoo Plans to Lay Off 1,000 Employees

The financial status of Sunnyvale-based company Yahoo Inc went down further in the end of 2007 and as a result, the company has planed to lay off 1,000 of its employees. However, Yahoo has not informed which areas of expertise would be reduced. It should be noted that Yahoo chucked out 650 employees way back […]

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