Yahoo CEO uses the F word

Carol Bartz, Yahoo CEO
Carol Bartz, Yahoo CEO

After Carol Bartz succeeded co-founder Jerry Yang as the CEO of Yahoo, she soon got the reputation of a no-nonsense Bartz. However, she’s also popular for her blunt way of speech.

Recently, during Yahoo’s first-quarter earnings conference call on Tuesday, she closed the conference with a surprise by using the F word. This surprise turned aside the mind of attendees who were till then involved in discussions on inline financial results.

Bartz was explaining how her recent restructuring efforts are improving and will improve the down sliding Yahoo when her frustration broke on the management hierarchies and structure at Yahoo.

Bartz mentioned, “We sort of had one product management person for every three engineers. So we had a lot of people running around and telling people what to do, but nobody was f—-ing doing anything.”

Bartz however, immediately apologized for using the phrase in the conference.

Carol Bartz is known for her achievements in her previous company AutoDesk, where she instituted and promoted the “3F” concept, “Fail, fast-forward”. She was also listed in Forbe’s worlds top 100 most powerful women.