Sphinn Implements NoFollow

Sphinn must have had too much spam submitters. Sphinn has made its new links on the site to have a nofollow attribute.

Spammers have been posting their links on the upcoming topics where voters can bring in traffic to their site. This Resulted in passing the page rank of Sphinn to its linked destination sites.

Sphinn came up with this idea in its Third Door Media meeting held in June. During the discussion, the issue with spammers and nofollow was discussed. This topic was brought to the moderators who then decided to have nofollow attributes for the site.

Experts feel though Sphinn has taken the right step to stop spam, this step can even kill the social media site. Sphinn would loose a huge amount of members who regularly post on the website. Some submitters would post good articles and also wish to have a link to the article for mutual benefits. These kind of submitters would be irritated and would no longer use Sphinn and might move to another social media site now that there are hundereds of other Social Media sites now available.