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Microsoft CAPTCHA cracked by Bots

It is reported that MSN Windows Live mail registrations have been hit by spam bots as much as 30% to 35%. This is a serious security issue for Microsoft. The bot acquires the CAPTCHA on the MSN server, takes it back to the spammers server and is read using spam servers technologies. After successful reading, […]

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Microsoft – Yahoo deadline Crosses without a Deal

Microsoft failed to make the acquisition deal with Yahoo on Saturday. This has resulted in Microsoft to decide if it wishes to takeover Yahoo on a hostile way through a proxy fight or to bid and seek other alternatives. Though Microsoft had been informing Yahoo through various means that they would pursue acquiring Yahoo using […]

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Messenger Plus

Ever wanted to add a lot of features to your MSN Messenger? Messenger Plus! Helps add tons of features and extras to your Live Messenger. Messenger Plus Live has features like Log Search, Messenger Skinning, An All-New Interface, Tabbed Chats, Custom Sounds, Quick Texts, Personalized Status, HTML Chat Logging, Contacts on Desktop, Account Polygamy, Event […]

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Microsoft Plans for a Second Try on Yahoo Inc

Microsoft Chief Executive Officer, Steve Ballmer mentioned that Yahoo’s rejection to embrace his $44.6 billion offer was a mistake and that he would go ahead with all necessary steps to see to that Yahoo’s shareholders are given the opportunity to realize the value inherent in Microsoft’s proposal. However, Yahoo on other hand, is restarting its […]

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Microsoft May Borrow Money

Yahoo CFO, Chris Liddell stated that Microsoft may have to borrow money to finance its deal tagging Yahoo for a proposed $44.6 billion purchase. Microsoft may use its available savings and its stock to pay the share of $31 which it had offered for Yahoo! Inc. The rest of the amount that Microsoft has to […]

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Microsoft bids for Yahoo Inc

With Yahoo hitting a four year low, Microsoft has eyed on the search engine giant and one of the early pioneers of Internet search, Yahoo Inc. Sources estimate a whooping $50 billion price tag on this weakening Giant. It should be noted that Microsoft had once negotiated and this is not the first time. Microsoft […]

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