World’s Most Advanced IPTV Network Launched

With the ever-changing face of the adult industry on the Internet, Metro Content announced today the worldwide premiere launch of its cutting-edge, high-quality flash streaming IPTV website, RedHotTV.

While traditional IPTV sites simply host streaming movies for user viewing, RedHotTV enhances the user’s experience by allowing communication between viewers. Each of the RedHotTV “channels,” which are fast and reliable, contain chat rooms where users can interact with each other while viewing the same movie.

“RedHotTV has the potential to revolutionize the pairing of IPTV and social networking which is so popular,” stated Metro’s CEO Ben Jelloun. “We are giving users an opportunity to share their viewing experience with others while engaging in erotic chat, role playing and more — all from the safety, privacy, and comfort of their home. It is truly the ultimate adult movie watching experience.”

The 24-hour-a-day, pre-programmed guide will give viewers many niche options for viewing their favorite content. Its feature movie and girlie channels, which are more storyline-driven, are expected to be popular with women and couples. The programming is full of exclusive movies from Metro’s huge library and other top adult movie companies, and will include award-winning titles, with the top stars in the industry.

“This is a big step to help push Metro to the forefront of the adult Internet streaming market,” added Mr. Jelloun. “We have plans to greatly expand this site to add additional functionality to include live programming and other unique options to make RedHotTV the leading IPTV site on the Internet.”

RedHotTV is currently running a free 24-hour all-access pass so viewers can get the full experience and excitement of all of its features of the site. Monthly plans start at $19.95 and are as low as $13.30/month with a 6-month commitment.

Metro Content produces and distributes adult movies, offering content for all platforms worldwide, including DVD, video-on-demand, web cam models, webmaster programs and more. For additional information, visit www.metrocontent. com.