Google On a Major Plan to Promote Chrome

Google wants to get a larger pie on the browser market too with its Google Chrome or to say Google is getting greedier day by day. Remember once Google stated that it would not do anything to bring down Mozilla? Remember how it copied and used most of the successful open source components and codes that Mozilla used? Remember how Google promoted Chrome as an affiliate program until quite recently? Now its just doing the opposite. It just wants to move ahead in position with Mozilla and take up its market share.

Speaking to The Times, Google’s Vice President for Product Management, Sundar Pichai mentioned that Google Chrome would come out of its Beta cloud early next year. And not just that, he has plans to promote Google Chrome as a preinstalled product on computers as how Microsoft is promoting its Internet Explorer and its Live Search on HP systems worldwide.

Browser Market Shares

Speaking to Murad Ahmed, he further mentioned, “We will probably do distribution deals,” he said, adding, “we could work with an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and have them ship computers with Chrome pre-installed.”

On questions to how Google is planning to market it, he mentioned, “We will throw our weight behind it. We’ve been conservative because it’s still in beta, but once we get it out of beta we will work hard at getting the word out, promoting to users, and marketing will be a part of that.”