Satyam Lays off 400 Employees

Satyam Computers, one of the leading software companies in India has joined the list of companies who are in a rapid down-sizing due to inadequate projects.

Satyam has reportedly shown the pink slip to 400 engineers and associates in Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam and Pune.

Most of the employees who were sent off had 2 to 5 years of experience. The employees in a state of shock were aware that things were not so good recently. Many of its employees were in bench for months as Satyam fell short of projects.

Following this, Satyam had been requesting [well, you can even say forcing] employees to get into a contract instead of a permanent employee status in the name of performance issues. Quite obviously, employees did not prefer this option.

After preparing enough reasons against its employees, Satyam showed the way home to 400 employees and associates in its so called ‘S’ band. Employees who have 2 to 5 year experience fall under ‘S’ band in Satyam.

Joining the league of layoff companies, Global Head, HR came up with the same boring answer. He stated to The Hindu that ‘we do this as a matter of routine employee evaluation and development.” He also added one that we are quite used to hearing recently, “We are to hire 12,000 to 15,000 people for 2008-2009”. Can you please stop joking?

Were there performance issues only with the ‘S’ band? Why did Satyam send such a large number of employees only this year? Does that mean they did not have any performance issues last year? If you are going to send off 400 experienced employees and recruit 12,000 more, does that mean that these 400 cannot perform or are good for nothing? Or can we say that you don’t have suitable projects to see their performances?

Can’t these HR come up with a different answer? Obviously, even a dummy will know the real reason. “INADEQUATE PROJECTS”