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Mahindra Satyam on the path to layoff another 5000 benchers

While you were reading the news that Mahindra Satyam has secured contracts worth $79 million only for the second quarter in North Africa and Middle East regions, employees at Satyam were reading quite a different news in their mailboxes. (more…)

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Mahindra Satyam places 500 associates on Bench

The already tainted Satyam has now placed another 500 employees in a so called “corporate reserve” which is nothing else but bench. This move has further sparked various rumors like possibility of senior-level employees leaving Satyam. All associates in the sales, operations management, delivery integration, relationships, program management, presales and solutions framework will be now […]

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Its L&T Infotech now on Job Cuts

Massive job cuts in the name of reorganizing and handful of recruitments to coverup the decrease in revenue has now become a everyday story. L&T Infotech, the country’s largest engineering company has started requesting employees to resign across its Pune, Chennai and Mumbai centers. It is surprising to know that L&T Infotech even with most […]

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It’s now HP’s Turn! 24,600 Employees to be sacked

HP has announced that it would be eliminating 24,600 of its employees. HP, in one of its Security Analyst Meetings stated that is a part of its global restructuring plans. Many companies in the software, ITES or the EDS industry have been in a ramp down spree recently owing to inadequate projects, global slowdown and […]

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Satyam Lays off 400 Employees

Satyam Computers, one of the leading software companies in India has joined the list of companies who are in a rapid down-sizing due to inadequate projects. Satyam has reportedly shown the pink slip to 400 engineers and associates in Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam and Pune. Most of the employees who were sent off had 2 to 5 […]

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Patni Lays Off 600 Employees

India’s 6th largest software exporter, Patni Computers has recently laid an estimated 600 employees. The company claims that this action is due to their non-performance issues. However, industry watchers have mentioned that it is largely due to insufficient projects. Patni with its delivery centers in Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Noida and Hyderabad is one of […]

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