Madras University Results

Madras University 2008 Institute of Distance Education [IDE] Results.

Madras University is one of the largest Universities and has one of the highest number of students in its Institute of Distance Education. Distance Education centers are wide spread across India helping working professionals earn a degree while they work.

Even though the University has been popular, the services are poor. If you are not in Chennai and you wish to find out the date of results or the status of results, you would have a hard time. The contact phone never works. Even if it works, the assistant never receive the call. On repeated calls for several weeks, you would land up with an assistant who does not know or understands English.

A recent visit to Madras University put me in a state of shock. The building looks haunted. You can see chewed leafs spitted all across the steps and on walls. Take a look at the ceiling and you would know that they are ruled by large spiders for many decades.

The gates open at 10:00 am but to meet a person you have to wait till 11:00 or possibly after 1:00 pm. Is it not possible for the education board to take care of these simple things? The response is poor when you speak to them and you get an answer as though they are appointed for free.

The results are delayed every time. This can hinder the employment or further education plans by the student. You would not be informed about the exam dates by the Madras University. It is up to you to find out when the exams are and when the Madras University results would be displayed. Even the distance education centers are not aware of the dates.

The responsible council UGC has to take stringent steps to bring in discipline implement plans for improvisation and maintain standards. It is high time that the UGC wakes up from its bed and starts to realize why they are for.

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