Mahindra Satyam places 500 associates on Bench

The already tainted Satyam has now placed another 500 employees in a so called “corporate reserve” which is nothing else but bench. This move has further sparked various rumors like possibility of senior-level employees leaving Satyam.

All associates in the sales, operations management, delivery integration, relationships, program management, presales and solutions framework will be now placed in the corporate reserve. These verticals belong to the Enterprise Business Competency (EBS) at Satyam. The company has also mentioned that these resources will remain in reserve till further allocations are informed.

The Chief Marketing Officer, T Hari who is also the Chief People’s Officer mentioned, “With a transition to the new organizational design, some of the erstwhile units like vertical business units and horizontal competency units will cease to exist.”. He further added, “Employees who have not been allocated any portfolio yet in the new organization design will be placed in the unit called corporate reserve.”

It should be noted that Mahindra Satyam had already placed 8,000 employees in a similar situation terming it as “Virtual Pool” yet another name coined for the more simple word BENCH.