Google Music Search for China

Baidu’s fall is Google’s gain. Google has planed to launch a music search engine for China to gain the customers Baidu is loosing out.

Baidu which was a dominating the entire music search in China has been recently caught under various copyright laws. Though Baidu is still popular with the common people, most of its advertisers have been forced to boycott by the International Federation of Phonographic Industry.

Baidu [Chinese name inspired by a Song Dynasty poem written 800 years before] offers more than 57 community and search services for the Chinese audience. It has over 740 million pages and more than 10 million multimedia files and became the first company in China to be included in NASDAQ-100.

Yahoo China and Sohu have also been under scrutiny by the International Federation on violation of copyright laws. Google is getting into the field when all others are being defeated. Google has to get rights from hundreds of record labels before it can launch the service. Let’s wait and watch who wins the battle.