Improving Quality of Search Traffic

A new survey based on 300 advertisers states that advertisers prefer quality of search traffic than clicks in pay-per-click search engines. Eighty-five percent of the online advertisers consider that quality of search traffic is the single and most important factor followed by bid prices and quality of search traffic.

It is interesting to note that when similar advertisers were surveyed a year ago, they voted for Bid Prices to be the most important considerations. In today’s world, an untargeted traffic would not yield results or a transaction. Targeted customers are the most important. Marketers or advertisers are not looking for a click to their website, but for real productive e-commerce traffic that would directly result in measurable returns in the investment on pay-per-click programs.

53% of paid advertisers did approve that paid search programs with search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, ASK etc did improve their rankings.
E-mail marketing has largely decreased over the years after PPC came into lime light. Only 31% of online marketers go with e-mail marketing.

An amazing 34% of the advertisers who participated in the survey stated that they allocate at least 75% of their online advertising budges for PPC programs with major search engines with the remaining twenty-one per cent of them allocating ¾ of their budget with paid search campaigns.