Omniture Flash Debugging Techniques

Non-Flash Debugging Techniques

Debugging Omniture is important while analyzing a current implementation on a website. The Omniture Debugger Tool can pull out the various parameters set on an image request and supports almost all popular browsers as it is provided as a JavaScript code which is bookmarked on a browser.

WASP is another popular Firefox Plugin which can detect Omniture and other Analytics and Advertisement coding.

Other popular debugging techniques include web packet sniffing or a web debugging proxy. The sniffer captures each packet while a data stream flows across a network, decodes it and then analyzes its content according to the appropriate request for comment [RFC] or any other specifications.

Examples of few packet sniffers are :

Cain and Abel

Debugging Flash and Custom Tagging

Though there are many packet sniffers available, there are some specific tools that can debug flash, catch image requests and custom link tagging. This would be extremely useful in cases where SiteCatalyst ActionSource is implemented. Omniture Site Catalyst is not capable of debugging flash.

Some of the popular flash debugging packet sniffers are:
Wireshark – Network Protocol Analyzer
HTTPWatch – HTTP viewer and debugger
Fiddler – A Web Debugging Proxy which logs all HTTP(S) traffic between your computer and the Internet

These tools can catch multiple image requests in places where a page is double-tagged. Usually the image request in these cases is a GET request with HTTP as the protocol.