Nokia Maps

Nokia has launched a new application Nokia Maps which is a free tool for selected mobile devices. This Map tool which is compatible with most Nseries mobiles helps you download maps which makes it easy to locate interesting places or find out where you wish to go.

Nokia Maps also provide lot more interesting features than just a simple location service. With Nokia Maps, you can share the location of specific places with your friends and also plan on the best routes between two places.

Additional options with Nokia Maps include a full-fledged navigation system service and a whole lot of valuable city guides with vast information.

You can easily find your destination and plan on your route either by street by street or from city to city. A different perspective can be obtained with satellite, hybrid or street views like how Google Maps works.

Not just that, the Nokia Map also has a world-class navigation to help you with clear view of the road ahead giving turn-by-turn visual and voice guidance.