Linux Mint

Linux Mint has been one of the most surprising packages this year with the Open Source community. It has one of the most user-friendly distributions with complete customizable desktops, menus, a whole lot of unique configuration tools, a web-based package for installation interface and a wide number of editions.

Linux Mint is a Debian-based distribution and has a good package manager. Linux Mint also uses Ubuntu repositories and hence it’s compatible. This Ubuntu compatibility has given Linux Mint users more access to packages and software.

The core purpose for this development was to produce an elegant and upto date GNU/Linux desktop distribution which is also comfortable at the user end.

The first version of Linux Mint was Linux Mint 1.0 Ada. This was followed by Linux Mint 2.0 Barbara, Linux Mint 2.1 Bea, Linux Mint 2.2 Bianca, Linux Mint 3.0 Cassandra, Linux Mint 3.1 Celena, Linux Mint 4.0 Daryna and the latest release being Linux Mint 5 Elyssa.

You can download all these versions on their official website. Please click here to go to the website.