Changing Nokia N95 Vertical Screensaver to Horizontal

The Nokia N95 has a large 2.8” screen and a stunning resolution. However, N95 has a vertical screensaver option. Any screensaver file chosen would be vertical which cannot be changed. This means all your screensavers would be displayed vertically.

There are two options to resolve this issue:

  1. Change your flash or gif file from vertical to horizontal using a GIF Animator or Macromedia Flash
  2. Use the TyScrSvr(TY Screensaver) and use a customized mbm file instead of the default file. However, TY Screensaver would need proper Certificates and Keys signed. If the certificate is not signed, you would get a message when you try to Rotate.

The second option would require some technical knowledge and a bit risky. However, worth the try.