Linux MCE is a completely free, open source add-on to Ubuntu with a complete media solution. It is easy to install and powerful.

Some of the top features related to media and entertainment would include a 3D alpha-blended GUI optimized for video on television using a remote control. The LinuxMCE media browser presents the contents on al devices at home using a 3D rotating cube display. The MCE built-in NAS provides a complete media server and a centralized backup option. Plug-and-play detection and aggregation of the DMA and the networks are also possible.

Using the LinuxMCE, you can automatically control all exisiting video and audio devices like your stereo systems and television sets. There are a whole lot of other options for controlling webpads, phones, pda and mobile phones.

LinuxMCE helps achieve adapting a Smart Home with complete control on home, communication and security systems.

You can control lighting, security, climate and camera surveillance. What more, the MCE also helps auto attend phone systems, voice mails, call forwarding for VOIPs and lines on POTs.

The security feature allows using your existing home alarm systems, lights, phones, surveillance and other electronic devices to notify you right onto your mobile systems when you are at move or out of home.

You can buy a LinuxMCE DVD for just $3 on the site or download it using the following link.

LinuxMCE Download