New Search Engine Search3

According to comScore, Google’s U.S. market is approximately 65% even with the launch of Microsoft’s Bing. But is it really better than Bing or Yahoo? Is Twitter a search engine? lets users compare and decide for themselves.

Search3 today announced the launch of its beta search engine Search3 allows users to run a query through three search engines simultaneously, and view results from Google, Yahoo! Bing, Twitter and eBay for web search and the addition of flickr for image search. Search3 is built on one principle — 3 is always better than 1 for search engines — and ice cream. The site provides a clean and simple column-based approach that allows users to select three engines of their choice to view and compare results. Users are also offered preview images so they can quickly find what they are looking for.

“The Internet was built to connect people with information,” said Co-founder David Fireman. “Not only does Search3 deliver on that promise, it enhances the information search experience — making it even better. And we’ve only scratched the surface on how we can make information more available to users more quickly,” added Fireman.

The founders came up with the idea for Search3 after being unable to find a specific article on Google or Yahoo! They tried three search engines and eventually found it on (now Bing).

Search3, based in Atlanta, GA, includes multiple patent-pending technologies and plans to expand beyond web and image search to include health, real estate and other categories. The team is also developing a mobile version and iPhone app for the service, which will role out soon. The company plans to monetize the site through advertising revenue. Early next year, Search3 will roll out a subscription revenue model targeted to SEM professionals positioning itself as a unique data analytics engine.

“SEO professionals can use Search3 as a tool to benchmark clients’ performance on search engines, and measure the impact of website changes they make on their clients’ search engine rankings,” Fireman said. “Search3 will sell convenience to SEO professionals.”