Hathway Internet Charges 100 More!

Hathway Internet one of the Internet providers in India have started collecting Rs 100 more just to collect the bill payment every month.

Sounds ridiculous? Yes, you have to pay the 100 rupees every month or have to get your Internet disconnected. One other option would be to drop a cheque in one of Hathways few boxes in an unknown area. If you are unable to find them, well pay the 100 bucks.

Anand, one of the Hathway Internet users in Indira Nagar, Bangalore states, “This never happened in the first month. They were all sweet to me. They called up and collected the payment. Now, they do not even bother to remind me or do the customer support know where their drop boxes are! This is really frustrating”.

Madan Babu from Koramangala, Bangalore in one of his mails mentioned SEO-Mind, “I was surprised when they asked for Rs 100 more just to collect payment. This never happens with Airtel or Sify. This is a mean way of getting rid of good customer support,” wrote Madan, “I would have never gone for these people if I knew this. I did drop the cheque after a day long search for a drop box but they took more than a week to activate it.”

Hathway Internet had a major issue with Internet speed which they took care few months back. Now, the collection of Rs 100 has come up as a surprise as Hathway Internet users feel this is one of the least customers can expect from an ISP.

With competitors like Airtel, Sify, Tata Indicom and Reliance collecting the payment with repeated calls and reminders at their door step, Hathway Internets way of collection sounds a bit weird and funny.